Cobs, cobs, cobs, cobs, cobs, wonderful cobs!

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Yada yada yada - just picked up two cobs on ebay and cannot wait to post the pix of my new acquisitions. Plus I scored an ole timey pipe rack with amber glass baccy jar at lunch today for 8USD. Good start for the weekend.
~ ZeissMan
I should come to your house, I bet all those pipes, guns, and rods would be even more impressive in person. Of course I might have to make use of one of your basket pipes while we're hanging out.

Seriously though nice looking cobs.
The next inhabitant of the basket is a poser, I hate that, i.e. it's a rock cob by :):):):):):):):):) which was sent as a hate package and looking at it I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate it along with the tobacco it's pictured with which is dreadful, there was also a second stem and bit for the pipe which I forgot intentionally left downstairs because I knew you'd hate that too, included was a sample pack of some cr@ppy tobacco I'll probably hate as well, I hate you people.

Where did you live in Nebraskà? I used to live in Fairbury.
Lived in Monroe as a kid (K-2), my dad worked in Lindsey. Moved to Newman Grove for awhile (rented a farm house just north of it) and my mom worked in a cheese factory there. They split and we lived in Albion for a year. Then it was back to South Dakota with my mom until I was 19.
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