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Custom-Bilt second?

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This weekend, I was digging through a box of pipes at a local antique store. I saw what looked to be an old Custom-Bilt (or CustomBilt) and pulled it out to take a closer look. It wasn't in too bad shape and the price was good.
The question I have is that the marking doesn't jibe. The only legible stamping is the word "Kimberley". Is this some sort of "second" put out by CustomBilt or were there other pipe makers that made pipes that look like they were gouged out with a spoon?
I'm going to start cleaning it up later today and see if it was worth the $5.00 I paid.
Anyone have any info on this line?


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What's the shape, Dan? I wonder if it's a cousin to the "BPJUM" that I (and at least one other guy here) have?


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Lots of other pipe makers made use of the gouge-rustication. Kaywoodie, Yello-bole, Danco, the Tom Howard line, etc. As for Kimberly...sadly, I know nothing.
The shape is kind of a squashed pot. If it wasn't for the deep, round, gouges, it might have been close to a bulldog. The bowl is wide (.90" I.D.) and shallow (only 1" deep). It's almost 5 1/2" long and has the extra thick bit that I usually associate with Cusombilts.
I'll try to post a pic once I get her prettied-up a little. Right now she looks kind of rough.

Thanks for any inputs.
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