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Desolation of Smaug

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Just watched part of this movie but spotted a new type of Lord of the Rings pipe
In the begining of the movie the carector named Thoren has a strange pipe..It has about an 8 inch stem of wood and a large bowl that lookes carved from a tree branch left in a bog ..nasty looking thing
Looked as if he was smoking a flake tobacco that would have made a meal
Wonder when the pipe makers will bring this one out
I want one !


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I have seen that pipe offered somewhere on the net and the one I saw was functional.

I'm going to say here as I already have in two other threads, I bought a cobwarden from DGE that is amazing and looks just like something you would find in any LOTR movie. Plus you'll be able to smoke the heck out of it and enjoy it.

AND a whole heck of a lot cheaper!

Doc Sixstring

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Here you go. It's said they make pretty good pipes.
be wary of this site, I haven't had great luck in the past. they have very poor reviews online and I was told that my order of a Wizard in briar about a year ago would have taken 12-18 months to craft and deliver. while I don't disrespect the time and effort it takes to craft a pipe, I wasn't willing to let my money sit in purgatory for that long before having a product to use. unfortunately had to cancel the order
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