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Discussion in 'Pipe Tobacco' started by Jay, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. Jay

    Jay Active Member

    Apr 29, 2010
    I have some MacB club blend, it's good Ive been rubbing it out to smoke, but I have heard of other ways to smoke them. What are they and how do you do that?


  2. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch Sales Account

    Jul 15, 2009
    I just grab what looks like a pipeful and crunch it up in my hand, just compress it - some of them fold over, some break... whatever... and just load that mess into the pipe. This seems to break it up enough to smoke but it leaves the individual tobacco groups more intact, so you get more flavor changes throughout the bowl.

    Puff was stacking the coins but I think he's nuts.
  3. Puff The Magic

    Puff The Magic Active Member

    Mar 15, 2010
    No "thought" needed, I AM NUTZ! :)

    Sitting right here in front of me are MM's General and CCSS "blondie" Freehand and they're "on-deck" for tomorrow's (and the next few days, no real strict time sched.) smokin'! And you know what I'm gonna do! Drop me a smallish c-ball down the well of either of those "MM-Mommas" and proceed to stack coins of McB's Dark Twist Roll Cake up to the top (or just under)! Gonna be a GRAND Smoke! It was great that way with the combination of the current "2T2M" tobys. Rolled up a c-ball of 610 "Caramel" and then stacked coins of McB's Club Blend on top, that was very nice! I'd read about "stacking coins" if your bowl was wide enough or the coins were small enough. I'd hate to run across a pipe as wide as an Escudo or Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls or PS Bullseye or Davidhoff Red Medallions or any other coin of the size. That'd be a big Momma!

    Coins are as versatile as flakes, just experiment and find "your madness" method!

    Ed Puff!
    cogito ergo puff
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