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do i smoke it or sell it?

  • sell it

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  • smoke it

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so i bought a pipe, having only seen pictures, from a friend, largely to help him out.
here's the issue. my smoking sensibilities are pretty working-class. i own a wide variety of pipes, from medium price/quality english estates to medium price/quality english estates, and numerous shapes including but not limited to straight billiards to straight pots to... okay, actually, thats really it.
basically, aside from two radices and one bent dunhill shell (none of which i smoke often) a canadian guildhall is probably the most adventurous pipe i'll smoke in public.
back to the matter at hand, I got a brand new ser jacopo maxima quarter bent dublin, rusticated, with a stem insert and a very... um... noticeable stain. it is also the size of a small sledge hammer.

and for comparison one of the larger pipes i smoke on a regular basis (guildhall, approx dunhill group 4)

so here's the thing. i paid a decent chunk of change for this pipe, and i'm on the fence about it. on the one hand, i'd like to keep it and smoke it, but i'd have a hard time smoking it in public and might decide i dont like it after smoking it. on the other hand, i could sell it, but i'd feel bad for never having given it a chance (its unsmoked so even one bowl would kill the value).


David L

Third option: I'll be a gentleman and take it off your hands and you won't have to worry about it ;)
But seriously.....I guess I would have to decide how many I have and then see if I "needed it". Me personally......I would keep it if I could justify it.....Clear as mud. Right?


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If you wouldn't want to smoke it in public, then I'd say you are not in love with the pipe. If you bought it sight unseen (well, pictures but you hadn't "seen" it), and given your description, I read your a tad disappointed in how big it is...

I, personally, like a "smaller" pipe (tend to stay in the Dunhill group 3 to 4 size, myself). If you are slightly disappointed and not in love with the pipe, I recommend selling it before you smoke it. Then take the proceeds (if you can afford it) and get a pipe you really do love.

If I'm off base and you really do like the pipe, then keep it and smoke it like you stole it... and enjoy!


Sounds like it doesn't suit your style. Let it loose, and maybe it will make someone else's day. And I'm sure you can think of a few dozen ways to put the funds into a use that won't leave any lingering questions. It's a lovely pipe, though, that much is clear.

Bottom line: go with your gut.


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I'll mirror what others have said: you don't
seem to be in love with it, and go with your
gut instinct. My vote? Sell it. Pipes you don't
love sit on a shelf and collect dust.
My tuppence.



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Hi All,

I suspect we've all done it - bought a good pipe for one reason or another, only to find when we see it in the flesh somehow it just "isn't us." If your gut is giving you that message I'd tend to go with it - I can only speak for myself and say whenever I have gone against that feeling, it's never changed and I have ended up giving away some excellent pipes just because they "were't me."

You said you only bought it to help out a pal - you've done your bit on that side. I'd be inclined to let it go quietly and not mention it to spare his feelings - or even to say you put it down and someone stole it while your back was turned.

Good luck whatever



Depending on money spent, money needed. I would let it be my safe queen, things i got from friends over time take on more meaning, and stuff sold sometimes a little regret. Looks like a cool smoke to be


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I wouldnt smoke it in public either . It's real big . You walk around with that thing and ... I dont know . You may love it if you smoke it but that dosent mean you wanna go out with it . I've got a hundred year old gourd Meer line that is the best smoking pipe I've ever smoked and I love it big time . But I aint walkin around w/ that hangin outta my maw . I've also got a huge Wiley ball that I love .. I aint goin out with that either though it would look good in my hand while lying in my casket ... yup , I'm goin "out" w/ that one in the end . If I remember right you work in a pipe shop . I owned one as well and it might have something to do w/ your outlook .. or not . I remember seeing people come in w/ pipes in their mouth and they looked like idiots . Be it a great pipe , certain shapes and sizes dont do a face justice . The pipes I have generally " fit " with me . Mostly straights .. mostly average sizes to smaller . I look like a dork w/ a freehand hanging out of my face ... theres no way around it . Enough of my opinion

Honestly , smoke the damn thing . It's a real good quality pipe that might blow you away while your sitting and smoking it . Theres nothing wrong w/ that . But if I see ya walkin around with it .... lol


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You obviously have your doubts about this pipe...it's too big....not your "style"....
Best thing to do is pass it on to the next guy/gal. Someone out there will find it 's "just right".

Sell it.


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Nice pipe. SerJacs are good smokers. I have a few Max versions bought when I was in my "big pipe" phase. I have moved on to a bit smaller pipes, and don't smoke them much any more. If it isn't "you", I would get rid of it.


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Based on my reaction to responses i think its really for the best that i sell this pipe... if i smoke it and lose a lot of money on it i'm going to feel like a moron...

any rate, thanks for the help guys :)

ps, the list price was 350, i'd probably do 300 including shipping for a forumite.


If you don't need the cash I would hold onto it for a while. Give yourself sometime to decide. It would make great easychair pipe.
Sage advice. It might not fit your style now, but down the road you may find that you want a big pipe for lazy days with your favorite baccy. At the very least, if you have a safe place to store it, it isn't going to go down in value, so there's no harm in holding on to it for a couple of years. If it's still just collecting dust then you won't have any doubts about whether or not to sell it.

Then again, I'm a pack rat.


If you only bought it to help a friend out, not because you were attracted to the pipe itself at all...and it really seems as though you do not like it or are having second thoughts about putting it to use, then just sell it.

However, if you are not desperate for money at the moment, which I assume you aren't since you purchased it to help someone who is, then maybe hold on to it, put it away for a while. Your taste in pipes my change. If you were to sell it, some day in the future you may look back and say "why did I ever get rid of that pipe!?"

You mentioned not being able to imagine smoking it in public, it doesn't ever have to be smoked in public.

If it were me, I would hold it for a while. Put it away and not think of it until I needed some extra cash. Sit on it for a bit and see what you think.

edit: and now that i read the entire thread i see the advice i thought of has already been given...
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