Don't miss out on this deal.

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P&C has a Borkum Riff 5 pack sampler for $24. Y'all snap 'em up while you can. No hoarding!

I was a little dissapointed. Tried to order and it kept charging me $24 plus shipping. I thought for sure they were going to give $24 to ME to dispose of it for them. What a bummer. Sorry for the false alarm.


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Yer a sick and sadistic SOB! Do you realize how many unsuspecting new guys you put at risk? Then, again, if BR could find a way to cure its bite...


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Typically when I hear tales of really bad tobaccos, I run out and buy them just to see if they're really as bad as everyone says (witness my attempts to smoke M79, Briggs and Paladin).

Borkum Riff has the dubious distinction of being the only tobaccos that are so frightening that even I cannot summon the courage to sample them.
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