Don't say "Goodbye", just say "See you!"

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Bernie Rain

Hi folks,

this will be my last post in this forum.
I was not a long time member here, so while not a "pipe-newbie", I was a "PSF-newbie".
I enjoyed my time here and registered at the new forum (great job you guys! :appl:).
The old PSF mods (and new staff) created in record time.
The new forum works & looks great and I see no reason to post content in an "old" forum which will cease to be in the future.
And honestly, although I suffer from hair-trigger temper sometimes, I am a sentimental guy and decay depresses me - so I run away.
FInally, I think the new forum has a big advantage (if I'm correct): It is a team effort, a team-work and "Roman Senate" is better than "Caesar", I think.

In German the word "Servus" is like the Italian "Ciao" - you can use it as a salutation when you come, or as a farewell.
So, like in the old, popular Viennese song ("When you leave just say "Servus") below , instead of saying "Goodbye", I say "Servus" to you all - or "See you" (in the den).

Best Regards,




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I’ll still come here . . . till it disappears. The main reason is to do searches on specific pipe related topics. I signed on as a Patron to help support the Den, but of course it doesn’t have the years of content of PSF . . . yet.
If there are topics you think would be useful at the new site, please let me know. I have already copied several.
As some of you may know I was relatively new to pipe smoking and to Pipe Smokers Forum when I joined and was still in the process of getting settled in when Woody passed away. (Rest in Peace Woody).
And do with the transition from here at Pipe Smokers Forum to Pipe Smokers Den, I moved right over and joined. It's great over at Pipe Smokers Den. I applaud and commend all who were instrumental in its development.
Part of me maintained a certain level of nostalgia to continue to visit here, and to 'like' and to 'post'. Perhaps to a certain degree it is a desire to further embrace that which once was here, and that which I only caught a brief glimpse of at the very end. Similar in some respects to catching the final glimmer of the sunset as it disappears behind the western horizon. And yet remaining there for a little while, pondering, reflecting, and cherishing the moment in time of the 'here and now' .. that which resides between what was and what will come to be.
I will always cherish Pipe Smokers Forum, where I was first lead on my pipe smoking journey, where I was welcomed into the community by many of you, and where although briefly, I had the privilege of knowing Woody.
I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, and fondness for that which I encountered here.
Personally I'm not saying goodbye, but farewell to Pipe Smokers Forum. I'll be at Pipe Smokers Den .. and I invite those of you who share in Pipe Smoking Enthusiasm to join our community there.

321 One / Damian.
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