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Drucquer&sons opinions?


What do y'all think about their blends?

I'm digging Levant. Alot really!
Thinking of ordering Blairgowrie &Trafalgar......your thoughts?


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I can only say that I like Levant , then Blain.....I find them a mild, to medium , English blend . To me, no taste expert for describing... similar to me as Balkan Sasieni , my mixture 965 , and London mixture... as a range.


I've almost pulled then trigger on a couple, but the price point and my cellar amount has stopped me. Maybe the next 15% to 20% off sale will change my mind.
I have tins of the Inns of Court, Levant and Blairgowrie and have only opened the Blairgowrie. I find that I smoke it a lot. It might be because it fills a niche for me. I smoke a lot of Oriental-heavy English blends and Blairgowrie one provides quite a dose of Virginia, when I crave that. It also smokes very dry down to ash. If you smoke it, I think you'll get the sense that Blairgowrie is high quality stuff, if nothing else.