Dunhill Pipes


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I am getting very little information on whether Dunhill pipes , or White Spot will continue in production , after the tobacco license gets tossed around. Anyone have info or insight on this. Some FBook sites are wondering but no definitive answers. It will certainly sky rocket the estate market if they stop production of the Pipes , or no one picks up the production assets. Like a fine shotgun , anything done will not be like the old Dunhill's , just as the new ones are now. Just Wondering.


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Last I heard they were moving the office from London to Switzerland. This, for me, would signal the end of Dunhill as the London made pipe it's been since the beginning and for all intents and purposes it would just be a name.

I only have two of the modern nomenclature pipes. They're group 3 army mount billiards, and really well executed. I admit to having a bit of my own prejudice though, as I have avoided any other pipes with the new nomenclature, seeking out oval stamped Dunhill pipes for my recent purchases.

On the plus side, right now there are still pre-2013 oval stamped Dunhills all over available for purchase. These are proper Dunhills and once they're gone estates will be your only option.