dunhill royal yacht? well aged.

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so i talked to a guy today who says he bought a butt ton of this 20-30 years ago to well, you know.. age. is this blend that old? he may have said like 967 or what ever. how much would such a thing be worth?


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30 year old Royal Yacht tins are definitely going to be worth something to someone.

If he was comparing it to "965" (Dunhill My Mixture 965)... well they're both Dunhill tobacco's.
Flavor and content wise, pretty different (check out the reviews of each online).
If he ALSO has 30 year old tins of 965, those are...well... gold to someone.

Pipestud sells vintage Dunhill tins from time to time, and you will also find them on Ebay (to get a market value).
you know ive been a cig smoker for over 12 years, and even as new as i am to the pipe thing, the one thing that i know is i was doing the whole tobacco thing wrong all those years

this stuff is such a deep rabbit whole that i dont know if ill ever crawl out. even if i quit tobacco all together down the road i dont think ill be able to not enjoy all the art elements of the pipe itself.
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