Every Day Tobacco?

Russell Hartman

Stay Silver
Although some choose to smoke only one blend, and others have only a small handful of blends in which they like I too would say that there are so many great blends out there--at least try a few to see whats out there. I like my VaBur , but also like mild Latakias--Gordon Pym, Squadron leader, and others. I even dabble in some aromatics at times. There are so many great tobaccos--experiment.
I don't think it would be honest to say I have an "everyday" tobacco now as I'm not smoking that much. Maybe a pipe every other day.

Back when I did smoke 4-5 per day it was Orlik golden sliced. Jar that for a while and it will be an excellent goto when you really just want a smoke.

I ran out a while back and need to buy more.
i have been tinkering with Haunted Bookshop and Big n Burley
I call myself a C&D fan, yet I still haven't tried H.B., though in all fairness, it's been selling out constantly. Out of C&D's Burley blends, Briar Fox is probably the most "all-terrain" of the lot, with its VA content and Perique. It ages quickly, and very nicely too.
PS LBF. Great flavor, burns well, inexpensive, and awesome to play with.
I agree. When it's fresh from the shop it can be a little too grassy, but when it's aged—even just six months—it's heavenly. It's great how I like to try peeling the ribbons off from the outer edge without breaking 'em too. Yep, I'm totally guilty of playing with those little coins of joy, heh. :beck:
Tobacco Experimentation ..
Hi everybody, well, in still determining my 'everyday tobacco' I've been exploring various sources and blends. I mostly purchase on Internet and so when I browse and order, I then wait for the arrival.
One thing is when I purchase a new tobacco, as I mentioned; generally via Internet, if I don't like it as much as another one; I'm still going to smoke it and not waste it, that's just the way I am in life and with that which pertains to my pipe.
So I mixed some Mac Baren Black Ambrosia and Sutliff Buttered Rum which I had on hand and I've been smoking that, and this morning I found two almost full contents of cigars that my sons and their friends had unwrapped for some reason and left on my back patio table. I smelled the tobacco and it was definitly vanilla of some sort, and so I salvaged the tobacco and mixed it with my already mixed mixture. It amounted to about two pipes worth of tobacco and it was great, particularly for free. I'm not cheap but I am frugal and I figured why not give it a try. It got moistened up when I mixed it, and it burned nicely and with no bite or dry taste or anything. See pictures ..