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Favorite tobacco in a cob?

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I don't smoke too many aromatics, but when I do it's almost always in a cob (mix of MM Country Gents, Legends, and a Freehand) .
Sunset Breeze, Anny Cake, and Pembroke are some of my favorites.
I also almost always grab a cob when I'm fishing in a canoe/small boat (not a $$$ pipe to risk losing).


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Favorites in a cob:

Edgeworth Ready Rubbed
McClelland 5100 Red Cake
Uhle's Perfection Plug Burley, #00, #44, and Blend 300
Solani Aged Burley Flake
H&H Classic Burley Cake
Reiner LGF
Marker's Blend (aro)
GH Bob's Chocolate Flake
SG Grousemoor Plug/ Canon Plug
GLPease Jacknife Plug

Carter Hall
Middletons Cherry Blend
Though I haven't had any of either in about 6 months.

That about covers what I smoke in 'em anyway.

Something I noticed recently is that MM Ozark hardwoods seem to prefer aromatics. It covers the initial "burning wood" taste and breaks it in nicely.
After a month or so I think I'll try some other blends in the Ozark.

My cobs get everything from aromatics, Burleys (of course), Virginias and English blends as well.
But as mentioned by many, Burleys really do sing in a cob.

I enjoy h&h marble kake. Smoked nice and slow and enjoyed with a good sippin bourbon. Preferably while sittin on my couch
Yeah I recently received a sample of Marble Kake from Atom, and I've been smoking it in a cob. It, and all Virginias for me at least, really sings in an MM Cob.

I like burleys and Virginias, and va/bur mixtures and flakes in cobs. I smoke them sometimes in my briars but I think they work better in a cob. My favorites are H&H Old Companion and SWR. I always smoke oriental and lat blends in a briar and never smoke any overly cased fruity sweet aromatics in anything.

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