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First Dunhill

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I broke down and got my first Dunhill this week. It's a tan shell bent billiard from 1979, fully restored and in great condition. The reason I went with this pipe was because it's from the year of my birth, and me being a sentimental fool, I'd never consider my collection anywhere near "complete" until I have at least one pipe from 1979.

It's a great little pipe, and so far it is proving to be a really good smoker. Given my experience with Dunhill pipes are limited to a single smoke so far on this little number, I don't know how it stacks up to the rest of the Dunhill experience. I don't know yet if the pipes are overrated for their new price or worth every penny.

But anyway, have you ever tracked down pipes from the year you were born, or received such a piece as a gift?


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Nice pipe man ! Yeah , I'd like to have one from my birthyear . Ive thought about it but have never gotten one


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Trouble with a birth year pipe is that Dunhill is one of a very very few makers whose pipes can be accurately dated.


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Ruff does have a Dunhill from the 1930's but that's way off the mark. But what a gorgeous pipe and a superb smoker at that! I love that pipe.:D


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Dunhills are superb, no matter what year!:)
I've got nine so far, one of them from my birth year 1966. Great smokers:bing:


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Great little Dunnie, Tim!! I have only
one Dunhill, and it's a very good smoker.
I believe it's a size 2 or 3. Not a birth year
briar however.


Congrats! I'd love a Dunhill from most any year, much less one from 1956... bet it would cost me a pretty penny!
I'm a '56er too, so I guess we'll have to armwrestle for one. I did see a '56 on smokingpipes.com a few months ago, but it was a straight stem (which I don't prefer) and had been damaged and repaired. It was only a hundred or thereabouts.

Very spiffy pipe, Mr. Gourley!
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