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I had a little family superbowl feast. I often have some form of jerky at my house. Many of the guys I work with make their own and give me little sample bags. When family is here they see it and try it. They want to know what kind of meat, who made it, etc.
On this day, no jerky. However, I did have a plastic bag of navy flake on the counter. YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING RIGHT?
I had it there to give some to my one brother that occasionally smokes a pipe. My other brother, thought it was jerky and helped himself to a taste.
I didn't get to see this and didn't believe him until he showed me the trash can where he spit it!
I just told him "your not supposed to eat it by itself, crumble it up on top of ice cream!" We all got a good laugh.


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bluetip84 said:
yuck! Reminds me of high school when I used to dip and my then GF took a big sip out of my Dr. Pepper spit can.
Been there.
I wonder what ever happened to old Jenny?

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