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Flake takes


I finally got around to smoking my first flake last night. SG Best Brown. I had a good number of relights . and had to draw a lot more than I normally do. The bowl never got overly hot, and there was no problem with moisture, so all in all I guess it was OK for my virgin run. It did taste good, even with my over aggressive puffing. Quite different from what I have become familiar with so far. Need to work on it now.........

Fourth time is the charm apparently. After the three aromatic duds I picked up MB Navy Flake.

Finally, I got a good smoke with nice tobacco flavor out of my pipes. I had to keep relighting, but that will improve in time.

Btw it smells like ketchup.

Ketchup is usually associated with McCelland blends. Two of my favorites are Blackwoods and St. James Woods. Both are broken flakes which can be a good intro for new flake smokers and both have a very sweet flavor.


Smoked Dunhill flake for the first time yesterday and again right now. This is really pretty different from other straight VA's. I've had. It doesn't have much of the the grassy brightness of FVF or GS, it's got a lot of carmel flavors and just seems more complex somehow.

Does anyone else experience throat irritation with MacBaren Navy Flake? I really enjoy this tobacco but afterwards I feel like I've been swallowing fire. No tongue bite though.