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Discussion in 'Pipe Tobacco' started by woodbutcher, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. woodbutcher

    woodbutcher Member

    Nov 27, 2009
    Quite a while ago, I was smoking a familiar blend while watching T.V. (I don't even remember what was on). One of the grand-kids made the mistake of leaving a bowl of mixed nuts on the arm of my chair. I took a puff...chewed a nut...took another puff, and the taste was different (not worse, just different). I chose a different type of nut...enjoyed it...took another puff...and it was like a completely different blend!!!???
    I've been playing with this "discovery" for a while and have found that just different tastes in snacks can affect the way that I "taste" my smokes.
    I haven't yet reached the OCD point (I assure you) where I am going to dedicate pecans to Frog Morton and cashews to Morley's Best, but, it is a lot of fun to play with my "known-blends" and put a little tweak on them.

    Has anyone else played with this? Is this the answer to why the same blend gets as many 4 star reviews as it gets "I put it in the flower-bed" reviews?
    Just another variable in the game.

  2. ruffinogold

    ruffinogold Ruffinogold-Mayor, I.R.G.E.--At Large. Mayor

    Sep 25, 2009
    "Has anyone else played with this? Is this the answer to why the same blend gets as many 4 star reviews as it gets "I put it in the flower-bed" reviews?" ...Woodbutcher

    Ya know what .... I think so .I mean I've read review on T.R. and I just know sometimes people are either insane or something . But what i think lacks is what the person ate .You never see " I ate liver and onions before I lit this blend ... etc " RIGHT !? One example is Cherry Blend .... some said it was so much cherry that they couldnt take it ... lol .. C'mon . There'e hardly and cherry in it ! Or maybe I'm nuts ... lol . Great point butcher
  3. jpberg

    jpberg Moderator Moderator

    Feb 9, 2010
    This is one of the few aspects of my life where I am completely obsessive. I have a very few liquids, and no solids that I will consume within hours of a pipe. Ever since I started smoking I've been this way. I could run down a list right now of what liquids I will have with what tobacco. But I won't. Cause that would bore you to tears. Which would get it your mouth. Which would add too much salt to your pallette. I'll stop now.
  4. Falconeer

    Falconeer Active Member

    Dec 25, 2009
    Hi All,

    You know I really think Woodbutcher's got a point here - wine snobs won't eat certain foods before a tasting and clear their palates with plain bread between tastes.

    Me I'm just a wine gloper and enjoy my pipe regardless - even after a strong curry!

    Very interesting topic - thanks for it

  5. Unforgivin

    Unforgivin Active Member

    Mar 3, 2010
    Never tried or heard of it but you could really be on to something here. :cheers:

    Now for some twinkies and SP vanilla cavendish! :0laugh:
  6. hoss

    hoss Member

    Jun 24, 2010
    You bring up a good point. Normally when i'm tasting something for the first time, i try to avoid foods and strong or distinct beverages for this reason. Once i'm used to a blend and know how it smokes, i will have it with coffee or pair it with some various libation. When i first started smoking cigars several years ago, they were typically harsh no names that were made much more enjoyable as an after dinner treat along with a piece of chocolate and a cup of coffee. Once i got into the better stuff, i knocked that habit because i really wanted to experience the subtler nuances of my cigar of choice. I no longer eat when i smoke (or drink scotch for that matter), but i can see how this would be an interesting experiment for blends you smoke regularly and know well. :stuff:
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