Folding Flakes

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I've been smoking Dan Tobacco Hamborger Veermaster & Solani Aged Burley Flake pretty regularly lately. I've always rubbed them out fairly coarse, and enjoyed the rubbing process along with the smoke.

This past week end, my two year old, Jack, got ahold of my ABF tin. He opened it, dumped the contents (only 1/3 left) and I did not find it until later that night. I opened the tin several months ago, so it wasn't exactly overly moist already. Now that it had sat out for a day it was pretty dried out.

I decided to try the fold & stuff method I've read about here. I figured if I tried to rub it out, it would turn to powder. My MM Diplomat usually holds 2/3 to 3/4 of a flake. I folded a full flake long-ways and then in half. I stuffed a little tightly in the bowl.

It lit easily, and was a little harsh at first. Not sure if it was due to the folding or being dried. After an initial tamping, it smoothed out and I was surprised at the quality of the flavor. As this tin has aged while open, I thought the flavor has softened and even weakend a bit. Still good, but not quite as enjoyable.

With the fold-n-stuff, the flavor was full again. The draw was a slight bit tight, but not uncomfortably so. It stayed lit to the bottom and flavor remained good to the bottom as well. I usually tamp very gently as the bowl burns down. I noticed I had to tamp a little more firmly with FNS toby.

I finished the ABF tin and am now curios to try this method with the Hamborger Veermaster.


Some rim charring is to be expected.
In my experience, flakes are funny like that. One blend seems better stuffed, while another rubbed out. Heck, some times the same blend(from the same tin) will perform better one way one night, and better the other way the next. Come to think of it...what IS that all about??? I guess that's part of the fun...or the confusion. Maybe shag only is the way to go...


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I'm a rubber . Edgeworth had their sliced/flake and they had a ready rubbed so I figured the flake was a space saver and you were then supposed to rub it . I smoke Golden Extra which is rubbed a little ... but I still rub it some more . I've tried to fold stuff and smoke it ... and it works . I just find a consistancy when I rub a blend to whatever point . Honestly , I've got this quick 2 stroke rub for the GE [ a push and a turn ] and it smokes the same for me year after year whereas the folding I didnt think I was in control of the burn as much . Either works and it depends on what you're wanting your smoke to do
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