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Food, drink, and clearing one's palate

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Hello. Interested in how I clear my palate between smoking, say, a latakia and a straight virginia. Also interested in what alcoholic beverage goes best with pipe smoking. Beer leaves my tongue feeling like a truck's run over it. Port (good with cigars) is too syrupy. Anyone have experience with sherry or whisky and pipe smoking? Or maybe some bourbon in strong coffee? Thanks ahead of time for replies.


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I like to sip on bourbon while I enjoy a bowl on the weekends. Sometimes I'll mix it with coke. Most of the time on the weekdays it's sweet iced tea. Blonde and sweet coffee in the mornings with a nice English like Squadron Leader.


For me the booz & pipe combination doesn't work well. I think the flavors of each suffer. Except for red wine. Red seems to cool my palate while smoking. Probably something to do with tannic acid. Idonknow:cfsd:


Great combos for me are coffee (am only for me), unsweetened ice tea (or hot tea w/ a dash o sucrose), red wine (table or port), sherry, rye whiskey, scotch, orange or pineapple juice (something about acidic fruits as before mentioned). But i would imagine that if you like whiskey/coffee that would be a great combo. Personally, i love the two in their own rites and not much when combined.

When it comes to whiskey, i find rye especially refreshing (after many years of drinking bourbon). Drier and less heavy on the tongue. If you haven't tried this - and like whiskey, especially neat or on the rocks - give Bulleit a shot. :cool:

Good question as far as clearing the palate is concerned. I know sniffing coffee beans clears the nasal passage when testing between scents, likewise, cheese is used to clear the taste buds between wine samples, but for tobacco smoke...hmmmm...maybe just a glass of your favorite beverage, a snack and/or some time.


Interested in how I clear my palate between smoking
Green tea works well. It clears the palate and tongue by binding the salivary proteins, causing a clean feeling in the mouth without masking any of the tobacco flavors or stinging the tongue like acidic drinks. Ice water has a similar clearing effect, so that's also a favorite here in Tucson when it's hot ... which is most of the time.

A nice strong coffee is an excellent companion, but partly masks the flavor of tobacco. I use a tongue scraper, and it's amazing how much crud scrapes off after a coffee.
I've drank a lot of coffee in my time and have never "scraped" my tongue (on purpose, w/ a man-made device).
Heavens no! You'll put your eye out!

Seriously though, so far trying the suggestions here I find tea the best palate-freshener. Cool water is a close second. Buttered popcorn also worked, probably tobacco residue is fat-soluble. I haven't got out the Johnny Walker or Michter's yet. I'll try them, and also had the idea of Carr's water biscuits and high-cocoa chocolate (85% cacao), I've used it at wine tastings and it's not too bad.
+1 one the lemon juice. I have read that it helps to rid ones breath of smoke odor, and I think it works in that regard. I know it helps with any aftertaste. Also, singers will often use lemon juice prior to performing as it will clear all that "crud" out of ones mouth and throat.
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