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Gotta give props to Peterson - new pipe

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I have my Peterson pipes and love them. I've never smoked anything else except a corncob pipe a long time ago.

Today I received my Kinsale XL11 (Rustic) in the mail at work.

I loaded it up all the way knowing that i cant stand outside for break and smoke the entire thing.

Don't know if I packed it better than previous pipes but i went to the side of the building I always go to that has little if no wind. Fired that bad boy up and the entire width of the bowl burned evenly and more cool than some of my others. It stayed lit more and I didn't have to re-light.

I know that pipes are pretty much pipes and all should smoke the same/similar but something about it blew me away.

Between the pipes I normally take to work and this one, I could taste the flavors better. Not sure why that is...

The only thing different is I packed it better perhaps after doing more reading on the subject and that it's a slightly wider and deeper bowl than my others. (read earlier to push like a baby 1/2, boy 3/4, man 4/4) Previously I was pushing it in like a boy for the entire thing.

Also in the package was the Peterson Large 2-pipe case. No this wont fit into the straps inside but it fits in the softcase that came with the pipe laying nicely inside the case.

Good way to hit a Friday and weekend!!!!


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Sounds like you had an enjoyable time at work, if that's possible. Happy to hear you like your Pete. I only have on in my collection and enjoy the craftsmanship of it.
Would like to see some pics of your new pipe as well.
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