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This evening I stopped at my moms since I was traveling home from my latest job and was close. Upon greeting her she hands me a cigar box and says "grandpa would have wanted you to have these." I open the box and it was three of his pipes....of the men in my life growing up he and I had the deepest bond. Grandpa was thrifty, Amphoria purchased at Thrifty market was all I ever remember him smoking. He picked up a pouch when we went for Ice cream and sometimes on Sunday morning when we went for a drive in the truck.

So now i'm pondering on what to do with them. One is s Stubbs Guarantee minus the stem, another an Old Vic 192 and the third is a MPB golden gnome super Brebbia. Part of me wants to have them restored and smoke them in his honor, the other part says leave them old and crusty and put them in the cabinet just as a memento.

What have ya'll done with pipes that were passed down and have a great meaningful significance to you?


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Ive not had any passed down to me, so I cannot speak to that question. But, were they given to me, I'd take great pleasure in having them professionally restored with new stems fitted on all of them, keeping the stems that came on them set up somewhere. I'd smoke them as a way to have yet another connection to him. Someone will be along soon enough to recommend any one of the great pipe restorers around here. Good luck whatever you do.
I inherited 4 pipes from my father - a Stanwell bent (no filter), a Stanwell churchwarden (no filter), a VAUEN rusticated (9mm) and a Oldenkott (9mm).
I cleaned all pipes, reduced the cake with a reamer and polished them up a bit. I only smoke the VAUEN and Oldenkott, because I am used to filters (Germany is "Filter Country").
I like to smoke my father's pipes, they are great "smokers" and have both vulcanite stems (which require more maintenance, but have a good "mouthfeel").
My father treated his pipes as "smoking tools" only - the pipes were in "OK" condition, but I treat my pipes much better.

The most beautiful and valuable thing I inherited from him (apart from the memories when we were riding our motorbikes together)... his big, antique tobacco cupboard from the victorian era (1880 ca.) - it is gorgeous.


Us grandchildren were offered to pick from our grandfather's collection of pipes. I picked a Falcon. Sometime later I received the rest of his pipes, which included another Falcon.

I don't know what became of his favorite pipe. I don't know what make it was. He fixed its cracked shank with a car radiator hose clamp.


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My dad passed down to me a bevy of crappy pipes that he had further abused by smoking hot, never cleaning, and removing dottle by banging it on an ashtray. But he also gave me a Castello Sea Rock that he had been gifted. It needed more cleaning than I could accomplish but it turned out great! Nice heirloom, nice smoker


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I would leave one alone just as he left it. The one that is the most crustiest and well used. Just the way he left it. Get the others restored and carry on.
I have to agree. I would restore to a honor him with all three. My father and I used to drink beer from the same glass beer horns every weekend. I ended up with those glasses and every so often I hoist one in his memory. I say fire one up for Grandpa every now and again.


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I wish I had some of my dad's pipes, and if I did, I would restore and smoke them. Or, I would, at least, try to. My dad mostly smoked Captain Black pipes and tobacco (which I enjoy from time to time), so, I don't know they'd be the fanciest pipes, but, there is something to be said about using something that was handed down. Congrats on your newfound treasure and, either way, enjoy. :)
I have some pipes which belonged to my father and I enjoy smoking them and it is different smoking them. Memories come to mind of him smoking the same pipes. Some of his pipes went to my brother-in-law and some went to cousins. One of the pies was a Chacom Lovat and it just did not work for me. I had a longer lucite stem made for it and it works now. I no longer smoke Cookie Jar, Mixture No. 79 or Kentucky Club Blend in them but I do enjoy them. Good Luck with the pipes and the decision you will make.


Got a call from mom today. I guess grandpa and grandma ( who passed this summer) are headed out on a cruz sponsered by the US Navy. Them along with several other Navy brothers and sisters who have passed are set to be burried at sea with a full ceremony. Man I wish I could be there.
Thanks for all the replies and i'll start looking around for a restoration guy. I have a few others at home that need some love so i'll send them along also.