Growing tobacco in Thailand

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Time is coming to grow tobacco here. I never tried to grow tobacco so I will see.
I ordered seeds from " SUSTAINABLE SEED COMPANY "
I have 18 variety (I put the information from the company website):

- Big Gem : an heirloom bright leaf variety which grows to 5 1/2 feet in height.
It produces leaves 30" long by 18" wide and matures in only 55-60 days.

A tried and true variety that is a good producer.

- Virginia 116 : a bright leaf Virginia Gold variety which grows to 4 1/2 feet in height.
Good disease resistance. It produces an average of 19 leaves when topped, excluding bed leaves.
Leaves are up to 24" long and 12" wide.
It gives good yields, and turns light yellow as it ripens in around 65 days.
Easy to air cure and dries a bright golden yellow.
It is mild to smoke and is an excellent choice for a cigarette tobacco or in a pipe.

- Cherry Red : growing to 7 feet in height.
One of the heaviest producing bright leafs we have grown.
Averaging 26 leaves to crows foot, not including bed leaves.
Leaves grow to 24 inches in length and 15 wide.
Moderate suckering.
Matures in about 75 days after transplant.
Leaves air cure to a light yellow / gold color.

- Delgold : Bred in Canada around 1980 by crossing wild tobacco (N. rustica) with two popular American tobacco varieties, Hicks Broadleaf tobacco and Virginia 115 tobacco. This cross produced a plant that was a high-yielding, high-nicotine cultivar that was widely adopted by growers. Delgold tobacco is still considered one of the better yielding flue-cured varieties available on the market today. Giant 6-8' tobacco with leaves over 18" long and 12". Delgold just kept coming every time I would cut it. Soft pink flowers. I was shocked at this tobaccos frost tolerance, but then again I got the original seed stock from Canada. This tobacco variety works well for us on the West Coast because it will perform in our cool weather. (2010 update. We have 12' tall plants growing now that have gone through a week of night time freezing lows that have burned our citrus trees, but not this tobacco. Truthly I'm a bit stunned!)

- Hickory Pryor : an heirloom Virginia type tobacco.
It produces very large leaves and heavy over all yields that rival modern day hybrids.
It matures in 65-70 days.
The leaves air cure to a medium golden brown.
It's mild smoke and flavor make it an excellent choice for cigarette or pipe blends.

- Yellow Oronoko : "flue cured type"
Yellow Oronoko comes from a strain of tobacco called Orinoco.
Orinoco is said (not sure I believe this to be totally accurate) to have been the very first tobacco brought to the United States around 1745.
This yellow strain was referred to by Burpee's as being grown for 40 years in the 1888 catalog. That would put its introduction around 1848.
This tobacco has long, narrow leaves that stand up well and have a fine texture.
Its historical use was a pipe and cigarette tobacco.
It is said "to be unique in that it doesn't have a strong tobacco flavor, it's a very mild flavored tobacco". "For yellow wrappers, cutters and smokers. Cures bright, or can be cured for dark filler. It has good width and fine length. Does best on light gray soils."
Yellow Oronoko is intoxicating in the field on a hot day. The smell is so sweet. I love it and I don't smoke.
Its hard to describe. The smell is sweet, spicy, and alluring.

- Gold Dollar : an heirloom tobacco bright leaf that grow to 4 1/2 feet in height with tobacco leaves over 2 feet long.
An early maturing tobacco variety that ripens in 50-55 days.
A flue cured type that makes excellent pipe or cigarette blending.
Gold Dollar tobacco air cures to a light brown.
Excellent for those with a short tobacco growing season.

- Burley 21 : heirloom Burley variety that is a long time favorite of growers.
It grows to 6-7 feet and is a reliable producer of large heavy leaf.
It does well in a wide range of climates and matures in 65-70 days.
The leaves make a strong full flavored smoke that is commonly used as a blend in cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobaccos.

- Green Brior : a full flavored heavy producing Burley that is a long time favorite of growers.
It reaches a height of 6 feet, with light green leaves 24" long by 14" wide.
Low suckering and matures in approximately 70 days.

- Golden Burley : is a medium flavored Burley with excellent curability.
The leaves grow to over 30" long by 12" wide, and turn a bright lemon yellow when ripe.
Plants grow to 4 1/2 feet in height with little to no suckering.
Matures in 60-65 days after transplant.
Air cures to a light buck skin brown color.
Requires less aging time than most Burleys.

- KY 190 : a dark, strong flavored Kentucky Burley, often fire cured. It has a good yield of high quality leaf with good disease resistance.

Grows to 5 feet in height and matures in about 65 days.

- Little Dutch : an heirloom variety dating back to the 1880's.
It is sweet aromatic tobacco used in pipe blends and as a cigar filler.
It grows to around 3' in height and has narrow leaves growing up to 30" long.
The long narrow leaves also make an excellent cigar wrapper.
It matures in only 45 days and is a good choice for container growing.

- Shirey : a dark Virginian type tobacco with a mild flavor but with a fuller richer flavor than Virginia Golds have.
It is an an excellent tobacco for a cigarette or pipe blend.
It produces a large leaf that air cures easily to a medium brown.
It is a hardy plant and with stands moderate late season frosts.
Grows to a height of 5 1/2 to 6 feet and matures in 65 days.

Orinoco : It grows to 6 feet in height and matures in 60 days after transplant.
The leaves are long and narrow growing to over 24" by 10" wide and produce a flavorful smoke.
It has the highest nicotine content of any tobacco we grow at 42.7mg/g of dried leaf, so use caution if smoking it alone.
It makes a good blend to mix with low nicotine tobaccos like Virginia Gold or Turkish.
Many pipe smokers like Orinoco for its rich flavor.

- Hopi : We were actually were lucky enough to obtain our original tobacco seed stock from a family of Hopi Indians we met. This heirloom tobacco seed has been grown for generations in their family and now is available to you because of their generosity.
You should realize Hopi tobacco is much, much stronger, with a variety of alkaloid compounds that have been bred out of modern tobacco. The effect of Hopi tobacco can be substantial, resulting in hallucinations and marketed physiological effects. The Hopi did not smoke tobacco for recreational purposes, and it was general used only in important ceremonies. Extreme caution is advised.

- Black Sea Samsun : originated in the Samsun region of Turkey near the Black Sea.
Prized for rich flavor and aroma, but yet mild to smoke.
It matures in 65-70 days and is often sun cured.
An excellent blend for cigarettes or pipes, or on its own.

- Izmir Ozbas : A unique looking Turkish variety that reaches heights of 5-6 feet.
It produces little to no suckers and remains in a very narrow columnar shape, making it a good choice for
tighter spaces.
The leaves tend to be very uniform in size and shape, being 16" by 9" wide.
Maturity is in 75-80 days.
The leaves turn a light yellow on the edges and curl downward when ripe.
It cures to a light tan to chocolate brown color.
The smoke is very mild but flavorful and aromatic.
Excellent as a blend in cigarette or pipe tobacco, or on its own.

Our grower's personal favorite Turkish variety.

- Sherazi : a Turkish variety grown in Iran.
The leaves tend to be small but abundant.
It is prized for its flavor and aroma, and is used in cigarettes and pipe tobacco blends, or smoked on its own.
Usually sun cured, it matures in about 60 days.

Well, it's a lot but I make some mistake on my order (maybe). As I'm new in smoking pipe, I discover I'd like strong tobacco specially from Gawith Hoggarth and also Balkan taste and I think, I didn't have enough strong tobacco or I have to much mild tobacco. What do you think?

Anyway, I don't know yet if I will be succesfull with this growing but if it is, I will surely grow some more next year ( other variety, I mean).

I started seedings a week ago with growing media and after a few days, some seeds was starting to germinate: in order: Hopi, Little Dutch, Izmir, Gold Dollar.
Now, it's 8 days already and almost everything is coming out. A few strains are not doing well: Black Samsun, Orinoco, Cherry Red. Maybe it need some more time.

here is my setup:

I spray 3 times a day water mist. Temperature here at night time: about 65 F & day time : about 90 F

I just started today to open little bit more the tray (like on the picture) to have air flow and moved the tray under a 50% shade net (first week was under 80% shade net and the tray was nearly closed).


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From what little I understand about it, the character of the tobacco is heavily influenced by growing conditions and the soil. Tobacco from the same seed stock will turn out different depending on soil and growing conditions. This should be interesting. I look forward to seeing your results.
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