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I saw this posted in another area. What causes this gurggle? How do you fix it? it happened to me yesterday, Beale.


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May have been better to post this over
in the "ask an old fart" section, but I'll
still answer here. Gurgling is caused
by too much moisture in the bottom
of the bowl. Remedies include, smoke
slower so as not to build up excess
condensate in the bowl, and dry your
toby out more so it burns cooler.
If you puff like a chimney, gurgling
will ensue.



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Hi All,

...and there are some pipes, thankfully not too many, that are chronic gurglers which resist all attempts to cure the condition.

Normally I've found with broken in pipes that gurgle, widening out the bore helps greatly/ cures the problem but I have had one which even after making the journey across the wide Atlantic to WalkerBriarworks and back still did it. With such a pipe you either have to learn to live with it or put it out of its misery.

I can live with most other pipe conditions but not with something that sounds like my innards after 12 pints of lager and a curry!

Best to all

Not open for further replies.