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Hand me down.

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Hi guys,

So the inlaws have found Grandpa's old pipe and are very kindly letting me have it.

I don't have any kosher salt, pure alcohol or pipe wax etc.

So tge question is what everyday house hold items can i use to get the feel of a dead relative out of the pipe?



you can use cotton balls instead of kosher salt, any high proof drinking alcohol (whiskey/rum) and some people use spray on wood polish. just spray it on a paper towel and let the scent evaporate. whats left is the waxy polish stuff. to polish and protect the stem(after you restore it), i've read that you can use unflavored chapstick or olive oil.


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I see no good alternative. Pipe cleaner through stem up to bowl (leave it inside), rough salt to bowl, then bowl needs a good drink. Vodka has neutral taste. During a night cleaner, salt and vodka suck all past away - leaving just clean pipe.

Tony Malerich

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If you don't want to keep alcohol around, you could perhaps buy one or two of the little shot bottles from the liquor store. Salt should be plenty cheap. I'd suggest it's worth spending a few quid if you want to get the pipe smokeable.
Cheers Guys,

So it ended up that the pipe was hardly used and nothing to write home about.

It is stamped with "Polo Danish" it's a full bent Dublin kinda shape with what looks like a giraffe print charred into the bowl.

I have smoked it once and it was as wet as an otters pocket, so probably won't go back to it unless the father in law is round for coffee.

I ended up using a bit of Gin and Vaseline and it cleaned up ok.



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Check the end of the tenon. You can chamfer it some with a hand-held drill bit...bigger the better. Just twist it around a few times to create a cone in the end of the tenon. This might help smooth the airflow for you. The larger the drill bit, the less chatter you will have.......HTH
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