Hear Ye oh Hear Ye...pipe stories, anecdotes pictures wanted!!!

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I haven't been smoking long enough to have stories but I am full of **** and could probably make something up.
My fondest pipe memory is short and sweet... a memory of the pipes I got for Dad for Father's day. They were always Dr Grabow and they always seemed to have tiny chatter marks on the stem by the time Father's Day rolled around.
Well Joe....how bout a story on why you picked up a pipe in the first place. You can add as much **** as necessary to bring the story alive! ;) After all, a little **** neva hurt nobody!!!

That is a great story Longshanks...looks like you practiced for many years before getting to the real thing. Did you smoke your first bowl with your Dad?
Didn't get a chance to smoke my 'first' bowl with him, but did get a chance to smoke one with him for the first time earlier this year. I also carved a poker for him last Christmas and cleaned up a nice bent for him for an early Father's Day present this year.
WOW....really beautiful!!!! :appl:
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