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HUGE Weber Handmade

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Bought this old weber from the antique mall Saturday.
I should have my azz kicked for not taking photos before I started cleaning it up.
It was pretty bad. The stem was green with oxidation, the bowl caked 2/3 of the way closed, and the rim covered in a thick layer of carbon.
Once I get some supplies, I'll get it restored a little better, but for now I've got it reamed, cleaned and sterilized. I'm happy to report it is a good smoker, which I already suspected based on the cake.

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Did I mention this thing is HUGE? I used my OT apple in the photo to give you an idea of scale.
The pipe is 7-1/2" long.
The bowl is 1-3/4" square
The stem is 3/4" diameter
The tobacco chamber is 1-7/8" deep x 15/16 wide.


It certainly isn't a clencher, as it weighs a ton, and I think you would need 2-1/2 hours to smoke a full bowl. But I thought it looked interesting.

Russell Hartman

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OH YEAH---thats what I call a "porch pipe"---load that big rascal up and head out to the porch for a nice long spell with some reading materials.
Awesome find on that Weber----enjoy it.:gjob::toast::bing:


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Carl Weber wrote a good pipe book or two back in the '60's. Rather knowledgeable fellow. Some of his info is dated but the basics are good.

Nice looking pipe! I owned a Weber a few decades ago and it was a nice smoker. Yours looks nicer than mine!


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Nice pipe. :ohyh:

I had my eye on a big Weber pipe locally (at an antique store). If they weren't asking too much for it, I'd have snatched it up.
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