Humidor / Rack Questions

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My wife upon seeing the pipe I was gifted from the forum and the Peterson B10 Christmas pipe I have coming said her only rule was that I had to have nice rack to hang the pipes on and store tobacco in ..So where can a guy find them on the internet . We checked the local shops here and pickings are slim .

Rick in Alaska


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I'd love to build you one but I'm no where near ready to . Honestly , just google / bing .. pipe display cabinets and you'l get a boatload of stuff to surf and shop


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I got one for Christmas from my lady. And she got it from ebay I think. I took a pic of it here and posted it. Members here commented on it saying that they know that persons work and that its very good. Lemme see what the ebay name is and if you'd like you can search him out. How does this sound?
Psst. I think arkie's offering up a free one
Edit: I think someone else snagged it in a separate thread, but you could still give it a try
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