I felt special!

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Ol Brokedik

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Not long ago I found myself on the boardwalk at Bossier City, La. There are lots of trendy shops there and lots of people. It was a beautiful day. You're allowed to smoke there so I fired up my pipe. I took a seat on one of the park benches and proceeded to 'watch the world go by'.I was pleasantly surprised at many of the reactions of the people who noticed my pipe. Several little children saw my pipe and smiled at me. Smiled at me! One couple closer to my age asked me to take a picture of them with their camera. There was a hundred people there, but they picked me! There were no glares no looks of disapproval.
So, at 61 I'm not trying to impress anyone. When children smile at what you're doing it can't be all bad. Let us always conduct ourselves as ladies and gentlemen. Yes,I felt special!
Be well.


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That's a great feeling of being special, I had a similar experience several years ago driving a street sweeper for my company. It was an older model, one used by the state dept. of transportation and was an odd configuration. I received two basic reactions while in the drivers seat (the only seat on the machine) Children at bus stops and walking down the sidewalk would smile and wave and be genuinely impressed with this contraption and while motorists would shake their fists and/or give me the bird as they honked their horns and sped around me.

I would take one child's smile and approval to a hundred pissed off motorists every day!

Glad you got yours!



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A really nice story - kind reminds you that the world's not that bad a place after all when something like that happens.

Thanks for sharing,

best to all

That reminds me of a time I was out walking with my pipe. A bus was letting off people and a little girl started tugging on her mama's arm and pointing me out as "Santa"! I couldn't help but smile back at her.
The "stub of a pipe" will stay, so will the beard, but, maybe I need to shed a few pounds before it gets out of hand.
Hopefully, the next generation can be taught (by our example) that smokers are NOT the people their parents warned them against.


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Great story BD. Always good to get a smile. Especially with today's attitude toward tobacco.
My story:
I stopped at the new bank branch the other day...first time I'd gone in there. Had been puffing some Lat thing or other in the car, so left the pipe on the dash. As the young lady cashier was processing my deposit, she looked up and asked, "Do you smoke a pipe?" I told her I did, but had left it in the car....did the smell bother her?
"Oh no", she replied, "I could smell it when you walked in...I just love the aroma of a pipe!" I thanked her for making my day.

Puff The Magic

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Ok, I'll fess-up, while my wife and I were walking around the park in Cheyenne Wyoming, a woman (~the same age as us and nicely attractive) said "that pipe smells so good!" I said thank you and then told her it was a burley. She replied with, "I love the smell of a pipe and don't smell pipe smoke very often." I said "we are a rare breed". She smiled and went her way. I feel piperz are the favored bunch when it comes to smokerz over all. Cigs & cigars generally "stink" if not gross non-smokers out. Whereas pipe smoke has that nostalgic quality that takes many people back in time to a gentler more civil time.

Ed Puff!
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Whalehead King

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Thanks for the story. I think pipe smoke just smells better, but I'm biased. The more we expose other people to it, the more converts we'll have. Smoke pleasant tobacco in public and smoke it proudly.

Mike Pomery

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We must be ambassadors to future generations! The more we smoke our gentle pipes in public, the higher chance that this pursuit will survive beyond my generation.
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