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I took on a Savinelli and lived to tell about it.

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I picked up this Savinelli Alligator on line becuse I really like the shape and because I couldn't refuse the sale. When it finally arrived I noticed that the "alligator" look on the top of the bowl seemed backwards (I think you can tell what I mean by the pics below). I still liked the pipe, but that look on the top of the bowl just bothered me. Up untill I started meching around with the Dremmel and the carnuba on some estates I considered mod-ing a Savinelli sacriledge; but that silly faux alligator look on top of the bowl finally got to me today and I took the chance:
Heres the shape:

Here's the original top of the bowl, maybe that's why it was on sale. They call this 'alligator'? If anything, its reverse alligator!

Here's my mod using a little light tan leather dye and carnuba:

I could have sanded a bit more to get that tiny black ding out of the edge of the bowl, but I wanted to err on the side of caution.
I prob smoke this pipe more now that I don't have to see that reverse alligator schlock.
It took me a minute, but I finally got what you meant....and boy howdy, do I agree! That original looks terrible. Makes you wonder what they were thinking.


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Definitely an improvement on the original IMO. I don't know if I would have had the intestinal fortitude to have tried it though. Good on ya.
Great job. What an improvement. Funny they would hide that nice wood grain with that finish and carvings.
3:20 am post?! You are either suffering from insomnia, or you live across the pond. If the former, try reading 'Critique of Pure reason' by Immaneul Kant, you'll be out in 90 seconds; if the latter, :toast:
Ok now I'm gunna have to look at mine. The first pipe I bought around 5 years or so ago was that same shape of a Sav Gator, same finish and everything, but I don't think mine has anything like that on the top of the bowl. It's either flat or has the same texture as the sides. If I remember I'll take a picture of what it looks like.
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