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I'm a Kaywoodie convert

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I picked up a kaywoodie "500" dublin, and a Kaywoodie "rufftone" from another PSF member a while ago. While I was already pleased with their performance, I was really surprised today with how well the 500 handled McB vanilla flake.
Wow. I found much more flavor for some reason, and the flake burned easily and cool. Or at least it felt cool! I clench my pipes, and found the pipe was way too hot a couple times when grabbed the pipe (PC gaming, and gentle smoking don't always go together I guess). I couldn't even tell from the smoke. No bite, and no gurgle.
I'm going to have to get me some more of these. :)


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Wellcome to Kaywoodie world ! The greatest pipe for the money in the world , imo . I've been loving Kaywoodies since I was a teenager . I have at least a dozen but over the years a bunch ! Always good to see another fan & convert ! :th1: Sometimes the ' 500 " & ' 600 " will be laqured .... not all the time ... I have never figured out why . Most all Kaywoodies are waxed and the old ones are really top notch pipes to rival anything out there . Heres some sites to get you going :
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