In a bind: Sail Yellow vs Capt Black White

In a bind, which would you choose?

  • Sail Yellow

    Votes: 8 27.6%
  • Captain Black White

    Votes: 12 41.4%
  • No thanks, I'll wait until I get home...

    Votes: 9 31.0%

  • Total voters
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Let's say your only hope for a smoke is a grocery store or drug store, and all they have in stock is:

1) Sail Yellow

2) Captain Black White

Which would you choose and why?

This is a true story.

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I've smoked both, and don't mind either. I'm working through a pouch of Captain Black at the moment. I would choose sail though. Its a mild very flavorful English blend. I've tried a lot of OTC blends, and rank it among the best.


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There isn't a lot of difference among the 3 Sail mixtures - yellow, ivory & green label. The green is called aromatic by the blending house but I suspect that is because it has a hint of latakia and/or Oriental leaf. Any of the 3 mixtures make a good all-day smoke. The yellow label stuff used to be sold in tubs but now all 3 mixtures are sold only in pouches. I buy 5 or 6 pouches at a time and jar them.

I only have access to Captain Black white(regular), Royal and Gold. So far White is better than the Royal but i haven't tried the Gold yet.

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