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Is my pipe Walnut or Briar?

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I bought this Parker Jockey Club 576 a couple weeks ago thinking it was briar. I was searching for it online and other Parkers that look the same are described as Walnut. I've seen 1 or 2 on ebay and they are described as being briar.

The wood grain seems to be more linear than briar. It also smoked very hot at first (and still does). On one of the first few bowls, while trying to get the moist tobacco at the bottom lit I may have even burned off some of the wood, effectively making the air-hole a tad wider. Nothing serious, but disheartening.

It got me wondering because I was lighting it after it had cooled down completely and the wood would have even been wet, so briar should not have burned but walnut may have. Someone mentioned also that burning briar is foul and disgusting, and I didn't notice anything like that.

If it's actually briar, then I'm probably imagining the burning of the wood and the hole was just like that to begin with. If it's walnut, then maybe all of this makes a bit more sense. I figured you guys would be able to spot the difference with no trouble, so I present to you:


The finish color is walnut.

Smoke slower.

That is all. :cheers:
Excellent. That was my hope.

After the incident (if there was one) I did the honey-treatment thing to see how that would go.

I think it may be goofy because there was a small slit or pit near the bottom of the bowl when I got it and that's right where the hot spot is. I'm hoping that with cake formation the problem will go away and that it's not a fatal flaw.
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