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Is This Pipe Safe to Smoke?

Discussion in 'Pipes' started by Polymoog, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Polymoog

    Polymoog Member

    Sep 6, 2012
    Good Day to every one, This is one of my Grandfathers old pipes and it is a one peice pipe that seems to be made completely out of pipe stem material either ebonite or vulcanite.
    It was heavily oxidiseed but after cleaning and polishing it looks great now.
    It has no markings on it anywhere and is only 5 inches long with a small bowl.
    The bowl is lined with a sort of browny red material and after reading an earlier thread about an asbestos lined pipe that was on ebay i thought i better ask the question before trying it.
    SO...... it is potential smoker or just best for display only




    Thanks in advance Polymoog

  2. shadow

    shadow Active Member

    Mar 14, 2011
    Hi there!
    One thing's for sure: St Bruno is DEFINITELY safe to smoke;)!!!!!
    As for the pipe: I've never seen this type of pipe before: Made in just one piece, unknown lining..... hmmmm.....
    Maybe you could keep it just as a collector's item?! The shape is superb! I really like it but I doubt if I would smoke it if it were mine!:bing:
  3. MakDragon

    MakDragon Wizard of PSF

    Jan 26, 2011
    There's a pipe in that picture????........ST Bruno......St Bruno.....
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  4. Arkie

    Arkie Well-Known Member

    Apr 1, 2011
    I suspect the pipe is made of a material called bakelite. It's safe to smoke it but it wouldn't be enjoyable because bakelite is impervious and the lack of porosity would cause condensate and residue to collect, gurgle and possobly flow into your mouth. I would simply keep it as a momento.
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  5. Jussto

    Jussto Active Member

    May 5, 2011
    How old was your grandfather, and did he smoke this pipe often?

    If he smoked it regularly and grew to an old age...
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  6. Iain

    Iain Active Member

    Apr 30, 2011
    Looks like the outer of the pipe is possibly Vulcanite with maybe a meerschaum liner?
    I believe Briar Boy has a churchwarden like that, maybe shoot him a PM and get his input.
  7. t-bear

    t-bear Active Member

    Dec 21, 2009
    That liner bothers me. Can you scrape the top part a bit...where it sticks over the top of the outer bowl? If it's meerschaum it will be grey/white and grainy. If it's asbestos, it will be more like filaments.

    Nice looking pipe, BTW!
  8. StoneGiant

    StoneGiant Member

    Dec 27, 2011
    Weird! That'd drive me nuts waiting to know if it was safe (relatively speaking mind you) to smoke or not.
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