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Just Bought An Estate Uhle Handmade Danish Pipe

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So I just bought this pipe and cant find any info on the internet about this pipe.
Paid $110 USD for it.
On the back it says

Anyone heard anything of it? Hope I didnt get ripped off...


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Don't know the brand at all, but it certainly looks a nice bit of briar, I do like the grain and from what I can see the workmanship and the finishing looks good.

Congratulations on the purchase, hope it smokes as good as it looks and you get lots of pleasure from it,



Except in Denmark.

Yeah my official guess at this point is that it was a "House Brand" pipe made for Uhle's, now the question is, who made it? It is an unknown Preben Holm? Bjarne?
I asked Jeff Steinbock (the owner of Uhle's) about this when I was in one day, as I have a Uhle bulldog. He told me they used to make their own pipes at the store, but haven't for years. Anything newer was made by someone else with the Uhle stamp on it. It didn't bother me enough to ask who is making them now.

Actually I have a bent brandy that Jeff made- those are stamped JSand sells them at the store. Now and again one or two pop up on their Ebay store.
Just got done smoking my third half bowl, and this is definitely the BEST pipe I have ever smoked. Although Im pretty new to pipe smoking, I own a Peterson Aran 306, some czech pipe, alot of cobs, and Ive tryed my friends 2 salvinelli's. It blows them away. So yeah I didnt realize how gigantic the bowl is...Half a bowl is about an 1 hour 15 minutes. So yeah for sure a house pipe. Best $110 Ive spent. Ill take some better pictures with a real camera later, so you guys can see what it actually looks like.
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