Just can't bear to use it.....

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....just wondering if others have the same problem....

.......my 'nicest' pipe is an Anatra Dalle Uova D'oro that i bought several years ago....
.........but it is such a 'pretty' pipe, i can't bring myself to use it..... i don't want to get it charred up and lose that new look and smell............

.........does anyone else have this problem???


Seriously, just take good care of it and she will look like new for years and years. You can rest her and just use her for special times, you know. Thats one of the reasons we have a few pipes, to switch off on. Enjoy it.


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When I take a new pipe out of the box...I go through a period of about .5 seconds where I think "wow...isn't that pretty/great looking. It's ALMOST too pretty to smoke." After that brief period of weakness...I light it up.

Besides...that's what cameras are for (recording perfection for posterity). Snap a couple pictures of it in showroom condition and then smoke away.


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It sounds like you have a very nice pipe to sit at home with ! Think of the pipe as a woman ... you have to take care of her . You wouldn't let your wife just sit there . Fire her up ad let her know she's alive ... she'll only love you in return ... with a great smoke
Very very good advice given right here.

I had the same problem with a unsmoked new pre repbublic Peterson I bought a bit pricey and treated it like a treasure - I watched it sitting in a pipe stand. For months. Finally I realized "It's a pipe", for god sake and lit it. Now we are living together in a very harmonious realtionship. I love her, she loves me. (It's a she.)
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