Kaywoodie Filter

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I have a KW Filter and a KW Filter Plus. My question is with the ceramic filter in the first pipe, I remember seeing someone post about using a nut and bolt in place of the ceramic. Also, what kind of wood would be good to make a replacement filter? Something readily absorbent I assume. I have a ceramic filter in the pipe and it looks like new. I don't wanna ruin it and of course can't find any for sale on the web. Thanks all.

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I know there was another thread on someone wanting a replacement filter for theirs. I would be inclined to use balsa wood as a replacement. Do you have pictures of the pipe and filter? There may be other ways to skin that cat too.

You can reuse the old ceramic filters, mine has lasted years of smoking.
Soak the ceramic filters in water over night after about three to four smokes, water will turn brownish and filter white again, air dry them and they are good to go again.

Tried meerschaum buttons, cotton buds and activated charcoal…..papers too (remember to put a piece of foil with holes on before you fill it with tobacco) ……

Original filter works best.

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