Largest pipe collection/Cellar

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very nice!! I think I'm more intrigued by the Star Wars memorabilia. that's awesome
Thanks. The Stormtrooper Helmet with the brass faceplates was an art piece I did for the TK Project, which benefited the Make A Wish Foundation. The Mandalorian helmet is my custom Mandalorian bucket and the one below with the gray primer and writing all over it is a crappy recast a friend of mine did. I couldn't make it presentable so I just started playing with it. There are three more helmets on the other side of the bookcase in an exact same display. Ep. III clone (clean white), Ep. III clone (41st Elite battle damaged that I built) and an Ep. II clone.

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I guess it has been a while since I have done this, so here goes. And pardon the mess. lol

Everything is in the garage and mostly contained in some cabinets nearest the entrance to the house. This is where my lats are. The bottom shelf is reserved for Burleys and Aros. This is a utility cabinet and it is pretty deep.

This cabinet is an upper cabinet, not as deep. The top shelf is unopened, but soon to be opened. The next shelf is cigar blends and overflow from the lower shelfs which contain Virginias and Vapers.

This is my archived tins and it is stuffed in the top shelf of the corner cabinet. With much more to add to this, I am going to have to figure something else out.

This is my main prep area with all my pipes. Both meers are kept in their cases. And the Altinok Canadian was in my mouth as I took this picture, presumably smoking Irish FLake.

Tis the time of the year, for getting swamped in tobacco. This table is a mess. One of these boxes is my order from P & C that is filled with tobacco I have yet to do anything with and the bag, was sent from Moosecop who blew away my expectations when I asked if he could send me some Uhle's blends to try. In the bag is nearly a pound of assorted Uhle's tobaccos that I plan on really getting into soon.

The envelope to the left is packed full of hate mail from JimInks and the box next to it is stuffed with my last order from SP.

Some Hate Mail from WalkinStick that I have yet to get into, My bulk gifts from Secret Santa and some of that P & C order nearly processed.

I really need to get this stuff cleaned up, but I can think of worse things than to be buried alive with tobacco.
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