Last, but not least, some hate, uh PAD & TAD...

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Those are particularly nice looking Santia's.
Haven't smoked one before; worth the dough?
I bought my first one as an estate and it had been well taken care of and after 5 bowls a burn through happened. I was talking with Riccardo since I was buying a shorter one from him he had me send it back and replaced the bowl so it cost me $70 shipped for new pipe, replaced bowl, tamper shipped from Canada. I love how they smoke, the burn through was about the size of a pin hole but smoke was coming out the side.


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Seeing those jars only makes me wonder, when will we see the wide angle shots, that show us all of the hundreds of kegs of finely aging tobacco , some in whiskey kegs, some in wine, some in brandy, it truly boggles the mind..:beyes:

Maybe we need to go for the helicopter shots to take it all in, was it you or Jim that took over the the old dirigible hangar, just to store your lesser items in?
And I head THAT is almost full now..:nwor:
The lesser items are at my camp and my workshop is at a neighbors since I don't have room and he didn't have the money so he, his fil and I all use it.
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