Latest Pipe Smoking Purchase 2018


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For the annual new years trip to Paul's I arrived before my bud and looked for a Mark Twain, but found only a small bowl version, with a similar shape, up on the display board. So Paul's kid started rustling around in a few drawers and found this one that struck my fancy. Small bowl also, with an unusual logo on the stem. Thinking it is older. Was kindly obliged with an Arrowhead sample before I had a chance to say I planned to buy some of the blend in bulk.

The male segment is aluminum.

When my bud arrived, I reached up pulled a mini off the same board and filled it with Arrowhead, also. We did get a tour of the museum, upstairs, had a nice time in there.

Was tempted, but didn't get one of these. Maybe next time.

That's a wrap...