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I've been playing with several different styles and the style that has never failed me yet is the

Palm mangle (YY lingo, tanx Kyle) and then anti-gravity or Fox style load. Which ends up being a modified Frank or Air Pocket. Nice and tight top, loose bottom....hmmmmm ;)

It's neat, and befuddles onlookers with amazement!

Anyone employ some off the wall madness in their fills?



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Now you mention it there are a few different ways it seems that I fill my pipes, if I'm sitting prepping my smoke I use the frank method, however if I'm up and about (usualy walking to/from cadets) I just kind of stick the bowl in my pouch of tobacco and shovel it in. It's not sophisticated but it works!


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Three years ago, I gravity filled ribbon until the pipe was full and lit it. After being indoctrinated by my PSF brethren, I've tried all kinds of methods. I can't say that any have been unlikeable. I seem to like different methods for different combinations, and not just tobacco either. Different pipes seem to respond to different methods.

I like the cannon ball and the 3 step with the big, conical 13/16" bowls.
I like fold & stuff flakes with 3/4" tall, narrow bowls
I like the Frank method when I want a fuller taste in a shorter bowl
I like the mangle when I am in my pickup and don't have a lot of time to fuss w/toby

I know jp poo poo's it now, but I like the method he recently taught me a lot too. I think I might like it better than he does now. For Virginia flake tobacco, stack some flakes long-ways and flat. Then, cut or tear them to the approximate length of the bowl you are stuffing them in. I prefer a tall, narrow 3/4" diameter bowl myself. There should be enough flakes stacked to neatly stuff the bowl's diameter without cramming or too much air space on the sides. The rougher end should be facing up for easier lighting. After charring, tamp it flat and light it up evenly across the top.

I've found this provides an incredibly rich flavor, and also an extremely even burn to the bottom with few relights. It is a little harder to get charred at the beginning, and even at first light. I little patience up front yields a smooth, tasty reward though.

I never got around to Ed's 1792 & Virginia flake combo. I plan on taking some to my mother's house for Thanksgiving, and was considering this method. A 1792 sandwich sounded pretty good, with a Virginia flake on the outside & 1792 in the middle.


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C-ball any toby in a conical bowl just like
Brad, but on straight-sided bowls, I'll use
a 2-step which is just a lazier version of
a three step, but it works quite well.
If I'm thinking about it, I'll F&S flakes in
straight walled, but I actually roll IF instead
of F&S as it fits perfectly in my smaller
Shelton lovat.


You know what I found? That certainly doing some research and learning on the 'net helps. But over time, you develop your own technique that suits your own pipe and tobacco used.

I've got one way that I load a flake in a certain fav pipe that I smoke, but that same flake in a different pipe loads different. And so on and so on. The bottom line, if it works, then you can't ask for better.
I use different methods for different tobacco types. Mostly I use the 3 step pack and tamp method (which is usually a 2 step pack and tamp on my shorter bowls) and will Frank overfill sometimes. Nothing too fancy here and it works just fine most of the time.
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