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looking for a new pipe

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been looking for another pipe and I like the looks of invicta's stubby and a Peterson 999 dublin the Peterson is a little spendy. I will probably end up getting both eventually. let me hear y'all thoughts on them. I seen good and bad reviews on both of them. thanks
I have a Peterson 999 - fantastic. You're on a good track with either.

He asked for thoughts on these two. Not sure what help comes from suggesting a completely different pipe (Sav) and making no comment on what he asked. :shead:
Have 6 Pete 999s, currently the most represented pipe in the herd. Can't go wrong w/ this one. Agree with Benton. Definitely check Ebay for 999s. Can be found for a steal if one is patient.
So did I :byg:

But that's not connected to the original question, I have many Pete's they all have solid build quality and once broken in are real smokers pipes, mine regularly accompany me to the coffee shop.
You get to smoke in a coffee shop? Must live somewhere civilized.

Tony Malerich

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Excellent, a 999 Dalkey should suit you well :D I love my Petersons and have done well by them, though Peterson has been known to have some quality control issues in recent years. They seem to be getting a lot better, but before you light it up just double check to make sure the airway hits at the bottom of the bowl like it should and try running a pipe cleaner through the pipe.

And you definitely won't do wrong if/when you go back and pick up that Invicita!


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I'd have to go along with most here and recommend the Pete #999. I've got a 2009 St. Paddy model that is a wonderful pipe. Pete does get a bad rap on some of their pipes, but the complaints that I've heard involve their pipes with glossy or red finishes. Ironically, these tend to be some of their higher end pipes. I own a bunch of Petes, and they're all very good pipes - but I don't own any of their glossy or red high ends, either. (My most expensive Petes are the two Sherlock Homes pipes, and they're both rusticated).

I've had very good luck with their Aran (brown, mat finish), Donegal (rusticated), and Irish Army (brown, mat finish). You can find a #999 in each of these lines. I like Petes because they're sturdy pipes that don't cost an arm and a leg. Sure, there are less expensive pipes - but there are also more expensive pipes. I think Peterson makes a very good pipe at a very good price, and I like their take on traditional pipe styles. I find some of their own unique styles like the B5 and XL14 to be really awesome looking pipes also.
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