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I am looking for some suggestions for a new tobacco to try. Being new to this I tried some different things to get my bearings and here's what I thought.

Lane 1-Q: Decent flavor that i like mixing in to the other less tolerable tobaccos i have to make them more enjoyable. But i think im a little allergic to aromatics...or maybe just cheap ones?

Peterson Old Dublin: I go back and forth, its a little harsh and dry tasting and find myself wishing i chose something else to smoke at the end of each bowl. But I don't hate it either.

Cornel & Deihl Kajun Kake - I wish it tasted like it smells in the can. I keep wanting to like it but at the end of each bowl i have that spicy cashed out taste in my mouth..just not smooth enough for me. I usually mix it with 1-Q to smooth it out.

Frog Morton: I love this tobacco! Smooth, flavorful, smells great, thick smoke with no bite..just the best thing I've tried yet. So maybe something that expands on this idea of tobacco.

Thank you for any and all input :cheers:
For what it is worth, I went to tobaccoreviews.com and did a search based on reviews- 3 stars, 4 stars. I read the review and saw what I like or didn't like. Based my purchases from there. It's funny how you can read reviews on the same blend and 1 person will say it is the best ever and the next person will say he threw the tin away because he hated it so much.
It is all on the individuals taste. You have to put some research in it and find the best price.
My favorite (this week) is PIRATES COVE from Randystobaccoshop.com in Indianapolis. LOVE IT! and just got a pound and 1/2. They charge a flat $4 shipping and have always gotten the order to me within a few days.
When you make your order remember to get something that may not strike your fancy today but in a few months it may become your favorite.
I got 2 tins of BRIAR FOX from Cornell * Deihl. A little much for me right now, but I sealed it up and think it has some potential in a few months.
That is the fun of this hobby, ordering it, getting it, trying it, saving it and later trying it again for the first time.
The only thing worse than TAD is PAD!!!!


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Well, i Feel like im headed down the road by finding one I do really enjoy (frog morton).. so i guess that helps narrow down the genre of flavor i enjoy.

I hear you on the PAD and TAD.. ive got a little of both, luckily my recent PAD was a Cob..lol


Some of the aros and over the counter tobies have a humectant in them - propylene glycol, which keeps them moist. It is recognized as a safe additive by the FDA, but some report being bothered by it.
I agree with YinYang.
Since you already know and like Frog Morton, trying the others in the series would help you identify what other types of tobacco you want to try.
FM On the Town adds oriental (Basma) that gives it a little different taste.
FM Across the Pond is (to me) a little heavier in Latakia.
FM On the Bayou has Perique in it.

When you find which one(s) you like best, it will be easier to know what to look for on the label of a blend you are considering.

Lots of good stuff out there (and some bad stuff, too). Until you get an idea about what you like, it's just a dice roll.
Good luck.


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Thanks for the input.. i did a little research and headed over to my local tobacconist on my lunch break..and gabbed a can of Mclelland 3 Oaks Original. Had a bowl in the store and loved it. Its similar to Frog Morton but has a more classic taste to it. FM just had a little something in it that keeps me from smoking it 2 days in a row and 3oaks has all the great flavor without that little "whatever it is" lol. Exactly what i was looking for. thanx again. When I smoked cigs i always thought it was nicotine that was addicting. now its flavor and relaxation. :yes:


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If your tobacconist has a good stock of McClelland, you may want to try some Old Dog, 996, or Oriental #14. They'll be along the same line as the 3 Oaks.


You sound like you are beginning to lean towards the non aromatics. I have been enjoying these for many years. Here are a few more to try:

McClelland"s 5100--very red dark Virginia---Sweet and relaxing.
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Also check tobaccoreviews.com. A very good source. One last suggestions, research and try some of the blends from Cornell & Diehl.



I recommend:

Presbyterian Mix (a little more tangy tasting to me, one of my favorite latakia blends)

Ratray's Black Mallory

Frog Morton on the Town (to me, the basma gives it an almost aromatic creamy taste)
McClelland Wilderness would probably do you well, as would Balkan Sasieni and Merde de Cheval.

If 1-Q bothered you, try some of McClelland's Premium aromatic line -- Tastemaster is one of my favorites, followed closely by Town Topic. Mellow Mack, Pal o mine, and Easy Street are distant thirds. These aromatics have good room note and aromatic flavor, but also have a good tobacco taste underneath the flavorings to satisfy. The best part for me is they do not have that somewhat harsh quality I got from 1-Q or the prepackaged Captain Black blends. The only CB blend I regularly partake is the Royal in the dark blue pouch.


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Uh oh.... So, my buddy gave me half a tin of Balkan Sesieni and I have had four or five bowls in a row the past few days.. It really hits for me. Then, this morning I loaded a bowl of 3oaks, which I have really enjoyed, and.......yuck! So in finding something I really like, I couldnt stand another I really liked. Havent decided if this is a good thing, but I think so. I dont really enjoy this TAD thing, I'd rather just have my Cob and 1 tin in my pouch. Simple. Maybe Balkan S. is it? I just cant believe it made my other bacy so nasty to me. :huh:
Try the 3 Oaks again in a few days, after smoking something else for a few days. It may just be that you need a break to clear one flavor set out before returning to another. I get tired of some blends, or feel I no longerlike one after finding another. Then, I go back a few weeks or months later, and find I like the first blend just as well as I did, or even more.

Others have had shifts in their tobacco palatte that never returned, but the joy of our hobby is the amount of variety that we can move through.
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