MacClelland bulk sale!

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The haul from Pipes & Cigars came today and since the lovely bride rec'd the package from our mailman (Neuman!), there was no way to hide this unauthorized expenditure.

I am puffing on the Coyote Classic (#5125) right now in my Tinsky tan blasted apple. It is similar to FM Cellar, not a clone, but definitely a sibling. I only ordered 4oz of Coyote, that s/h/b kicked up now that I actually am smoking it.
I have never tried FM Cellar.
I guess I am just hoping to find a bulk that is at least close to FM regular.
I will report back here when I open up the 10oz of Dark English, as it smells like original Frog Morton without the "ketchup" scent from the tin. I can tell it isn't an exact match, but once I light it up I will know how closely related they are.
I am 3/4ths a bowl through my first run of Dark English and I would say it is quite different than the Frog Morton line. It smokes excellent, but the flavor has none of the sweet bright overtones of original FM..

This is a fuller deep espresso taste, in wine terms it w/b like a Cabernet - lots of tannins and a dry finish on the palate. If FM is an IPA, the Dark English is a Guinness stout
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