McClelland 2010 bulk Virginia review

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This is my favorite blend of a straight Virginia. It's delicious. I used a half bent billiard for my review.

Description: A blend of Eastern and Middle Belt lemon, orange, and orange-red Virginias. Flue cured, broken flake.

Flavoring: none detected
Strength: mild-medium
Taste: mild-medium

Superbly balanced blend, very satisfying when smoked straight. The moisture level is perfect. It burns well with few/no re-lights down to the bottom. Leaves a little dottle.

Top 1/3 of bowl: Cool, no bite. Slightly tangy. Earthy flavor (like a good Cabernet Sauvignon) rounds out the classic high note of Virginia. Perfectly balanced. Moderate, natural sweetness.

Mid bowl: Deeper flavor. Sweetness really kicks in, actually tickling the tongue with sweetness. Still no bite.

Bottom: Slightly spicy, more sublime type of caramelized sweetness. Slight tongue bite.

I rate this tobacco 4/5 stars, only because it's a little finicky towards the bottom to keep lit, as it burns a little hot and the flavor starts to diminish. Otherwise, it's an excellent value at $30 per half pound. This would be a great starter Virginia as well as being good for anyone who likes straight up VA flavor with no casing. Highly recommended.


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I totally agree Perique. McCl 2010 (and 2015, 2010 + Perique) have a "special" place in my cellar (couple o'pounds of each!). :thumbsu:

Thanks for the "spot-on" review. :0laugh:

Ed Puff!
This thread is a few years old, but I have a question on this tobacco... how is the nic level? I do like some vitamin N, and am curious how this tobacco compares to others, for example Blackwoods Flake or FVF. Thanks : )


I wouldn't call 2010 a nicotine bomb, I haven't smoked Blackwoods Flake or FVF. But compared to a blend like Kendal Kentucky, 2010 is not even in the same league nicotine wise.
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