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Meer-lined 'Hyperbole'?

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Old Ted

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Visiting my B&M yesterday I saw the new window display, that included a selection of Falcon pipes and several bowls. What looked like the biggest Falcon bowl I've seen - was a 'Hyperbole' with meerschaum lining, and I'm tempted to get one, for the times when I want a longer smoke from my Falcon. I've had quite a few block meers, but never a 'pressed' or 'moulded' one, or a meer lined bowl. Anyone smoking one of these?, please tell me if it's worth parting with my pennies!
.......the Falcon saga rolls on!:)


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I've one, it is large heavy and makes the pipe feel quite top heavy at times. Makes for a good long smoke and has not given me any trouble and proven quite durable. While strangely lacking fills, it fills the hand nicely.. The only real draw back is the additional weight which is made even more apparent by the lightness of the Falcon body.


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I have never smoked a hyperbole because I smoke a straight Falcon and think those bowls because of the weight and height would be better suited for a bent Falcon for the balance, especially if you clench a pipe while smoking. I do not think they would smoke any different from the stand bowls; actually they look out of proportion to a stand Falcon stem.


Some rim charring is to be expected.
It's your money, so yes, it's worth it to me. :)

(No, I personally do not have one. I'm not adverse to the idea, though.)
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