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Missouri Meerschaum Diplomat

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I like cheap pipes and I can not lie..... :banana:

So a friend of mine and I bought one of the new Missouri Meerschaum Diplomat pipes, it's a hard maple bowl with a cob look. Finished in a natural color. It's also a filtered pipe with a nice drawl.

Smokes a bit hot if you are a heavy puffer, but for a relaxing smoke I like it well.
One of the advantages to me is I smoke when I'm in my shop or working around the house, I like a good smoker but do not want to break an expensive pipe during a project.

This is not a pipe to sit and relax with a glass of Brandy, but it's nice to relax with a good vodka and 7UP or a hot cup of coffee. :dkn:
They came out with the maple bowls when the corn crops were really bad. What blends have you smoked in it up till now?
I get blended tobacco from a local smoke shop, I like their Amaretto, Great Dane, and Rum Runner.
It's just now getting a decent singe to the bowl and the tobacco flavor is starting to come into it's own.


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While I have no desire to try one, I am glad it works for you.

The "Conventional Wisdom" is that maple will burn out sooner than briar. But how much does that matter. Is it a case of one lifetime vs 2 lifetimes. Maple is very dense and durable, so it should be a good smoker for years.

I would guess as it gets caked, it will give you years of pleasant smoking.
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