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MM Ozark Mini Hardwood Pipe

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They come in cherry and maple - which I've read that each gives a different taste - but I'm wondering what you all think about them.

Positives, negatives, smoke time, best tobacco types to smoke with them, anything you think would be worth noting.
They come in cherry and maple - which I've read that each gives a different taste - but I'm wondering what you all think about them.
As I understand it they are made from the same kind of wood. Mapel and cherry are just the two different colors they come in. Doubt very much that they differ in taste because of this. However the bowls are differently shaped. The darker one has thicker walls. This may make them smoke differently. Also one of them is straight and the other bent.

edit. The Ozarks smoke pretty much like corn cobs, not surprisingly since they are constructed the same way. Personally I prefer corn cobs.
I bought the Cherry for my first pipe. I'm getting around thirty minutes smoke time, although I've been able to stretch it out longer to around forty-five. I don't really have anything to compare it to, as it's the first pipe I've ever smoked. I'm enjoying it though, and at $5 bucks I can't complain too much.
I prefer them to cobs, they last longer. I like that they use a filter. Don't clean them with alcohol or the glue will loosen. I prefer them for trying new tobaccos that I'm afraid will ghost a pipe. I also take them on trips when I would worry about loosing a more expensive pipe.


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I havent smoked a mini one . I have smoked the MM Hardwood , I got a bent and a straight . I keep them in my barn along with some Cherry blends that I think excel in a MM Hardwood . i like keeping them there cause if I end up in the barn for a while and the pipe I'm smoking goes empty , I'm good to go knowing those guys are in there along with a pouch of tobacco galleria wild cherry , which is surprisingly damn good . I also keep some SP Cherry there too . The MM Hardwoods have a certain flavor to them , it's not strong or bad , just different . Whatever flavor it is goes damn well with Cherry . I think the mini Ozark is the same wood as the regular size ozark . I think the hardwoods are Beechwood or Birch ? Heck , it's probably both depending on what they can get cheaper when they do their buying , but I really dont know what wood it is


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I have a mini for quick smokes when I'm home. It smokes pretty well, but I use it mainly for CH/5B blend. It's been abused, but is still up for more. I probably should get one of their regular hardwoods.

Smoke time depends on the baccy used. 5B burns pretty quick, even when mixed with CH. I can usually get 10 minutes out of it with this blend.
My reply above applies to the full size hardwoods, I overlooked that you were discussing Minis. Sorry. They make a great beater pipe. No great loss if you lose one. I passed one along to a friend who wanted to try pipe smoking. He got hooked.
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