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Mold in an old pipe

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Hi there gentlemen!

I had an old Peterson that I purchased 20 years ago in New Orleans - it's a beautiful pipe and moreover it has a ton of memories for me. I laid it aside for a decade and now I see that there's a bit of mold in the bottom of the bowl; I guess I didn't clean it well before storing it.

I love the pipe so I'd like to bring it back to life. I have but two questions:

  1. what is the best way to clean mold out of a pipe?
  2. is there any possibility that the mold has penetrated the grain. If so, would that mean the pipe is finished in terms of smoking?
Thanks gentlemen!


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Can you post a pic? Does it smell moldy?
The pipe will probably be fine with some cleaning. Scrubbing with alcohol soaked cleaners, reaming, possibly a salt treatment, a good thorough drying and you'll probably be in business. I would think anything you couldn't clean out that way would be dead after the first smoke. Use your own judgment, but I wouldn't sweat it too much.


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1+ on what Kiowa said:
1. Clean with alcohol (and let it sit overnight)
2. Salt treatment (and then let it sit at least overnight again)
3. Smoke that sucker out.

Most things can be cured with the first two but the best thing, I think, is to just keep smoking it once you've cleaned it. Most tobys (burned in a chamber over and over) will get rid of durned near anything.

If all else fails, throw some Ten Russians in there and giver 'er a light. Terrible stuff, that 10 Ruskies, but it will pretty much kill anything!


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A good alcohol scrubbing (INSIDE) will kill the mold. Take care to keep the alki off the finish though. A salt treatment shouldn't be necessary unless it's a lot of mold. As mentioned, that first bowl will finish off any residual mold.
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