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More Comoy's

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McCranie's secured another 50 Comoy's pipes. All unsmoked, new in the box and from the 70's. They should have them on their website in the next 24 to 48 hours. If you missed out on the first go around, here is your chance. I don't work them, just giving those who are interested a heads up.

The first batch was 90 pipes total, and 80 of them sold within 48 hours......several found out the hard way that this wasn't a sale for fence sitters, but for those ready to pull the trigger and purchase.
Well there are only about 20 left.
Thx for the heads up!

I just picked up two Comoys from their website!
One Sandblast the other a smooth grain.I can hardly wait!
I can't believe these are "new" unsmoked Comoys, a rare find indeed :bow: .
I also picked up a tin of their "Murdocks Pipe" Tobacco, can't order a pipe without getting any Toby! :wub:

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