Moving Up to Tinned Tobaccos (Your Opinions Please)

Discussion in 'Pipe Tobacco' started by SittinNMyChairSmokin, Aug 14, 2010.

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  1. SittinNMyChairSmokin

    SittinNMyChairSmokin Member

    Aug 14, 2010
    Hello all.

    This is my first thread so if i managed to miss this with the search function i am sorry. Here it goes:

    I have recently become fascinated with smoking my pipe. I am on my way to becoming a tobacco connoisseur. I have been smoking for about 6 months now and have only smoked the jarred blends at my local tobacconists. I have smoked blends like:

    "Cherry Cavendish"
    "Virginia Smooth"
    "Victorian Standard"
    "Whiskey Cavendish"
    "London Burley"

    My question for you is whether i am "ready" to take the step up to tinned tobaccos? I am a firm believer of only indulging in what you can appreciate (ie: a college graduate would not fully appreciate the tones of a well aged whiskey).

    Do you believe that there is a strong difference between tinned tobaccos and local blends?

    *The general consensus is that tinned tobacco is just of "higher quality."
    Is this truly the case or can i find a truly amazing blend in a bulk jar as well?

    As a relatively new smoker will the tinned tobaccos be worth the additional price tag?

    Thank you for answering some or all of my questions!

  2. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch Sales Account

    Jul 15, 2009
    Hi Brian, welcome to the board.

    I'm going to suggest that the answer to all your questions is probably "That depends" or "Can be..."

    Tobacconists buy bulk tobacco, from one or more sources, but these sources are limited. Lane, McClelland, Gawith and Hoggarth, and a few others. So it is entirely possible that some jars are full of cheap crap, and other jars in the same shop could be filled with terrific tobacco.

    Likewise, buying tobacco in a tin may or may not establish it's quality, but it certainly does NOT establish whether you will like it!

    It's never wrong to try a new blend, for a newbie or a longtime smoker. Stick it in a light it up!

    Now, for a guy asking "what particular tins should a newer pipe smoker try to acquire?" I have 2 specific tobaccos that I inevitably recommend. Mac Baren Navy Flake and McClelland Frog Morton (or Frog Morton on the Town). These are both widely available, not hugly expensive, very tasty, and easy to smoke. They are totally different in flavor and texture. Totally.

    And both are absolute milestones. One is an introduction to Flake form tobacco, and the other an introduction to Latakia tobacco, from .... the Orient! Wherever that is!

    Best of luck, friend!
  3. ruffinogold

    ruffinogold Ruffinogold-Mayor, I.R.G.E.--At Large. Mayor

    Sep 25, 2009
    Hey man , you're ready to smoke tin tobaccos cause you want to . In general the tinned stuff is of higher quality but at the same time theres good bulk blends as well .The cost isnt that big a deal cause pipe tobacco is cheap . Imagine a 10.00 dollar cigar and how long it will last compaired to a tin of pipe tobacco. Hell , cigarettes are 5.00 a pack so thats two days worth . A 10.00 dollar tin might last a week or two depending on how much youre smoking . There's actualy a good number of blends [tinned] thats available in bulk so dont discount the stuff in jars ... might be the same stuff ...example. A tin of M.B. Golden Extra costs say 9.00 for a tin but you can get a pound for 25.00 . It's a great blend by the way and you may want to smoke alot of it :eek:hyeah:
  4. erickghint

    erickghint Member

    Sep 3, 2009
    Tins vs Bulk... Really no right or wrong answer to this question. The fact is, as Sas pointed out, most "house blends" are just renamed bulk blends from other companies. Very few shops still blend their own tobaccos. Is there an advantage to buying in bulk? Sure. You get more for your money, and sometimes it's the same tobacco sans tin, but you need a place to store it. Mason jars work wonders in this department. Tins, once opened, if you aren't going to smoke the whole tin within maybe a week or so, you might want to jar it too. Quality of tobacco isn't really relative to Tin vs Bulk, it's relative to company. Peter Stokkebye makes some great tobacco, and it's mostly, if not all in bulk. The best is finding out a tinned tobacco you like is sold in bulk, and you can save some cash.

    The best part about pipe smoking is the variety of tobaccos we have at our fingertips. Virginias, Burleys, Latakia blends, Oriental blends, aromatics... All have something to offer.
    Some stuff to try:

    Orlik Golden Sliced (Virginia blend)
    Balkan Sasieni (Balkan Blend)
    Lane 1-Q - Bulk (Cavendish Blend)
    Cornell and Diehl Green River Vanilla (Aromatic Blend)
    Boswell's Premium Burley (Burley Blend)
    GL Pease Westminster (English Blend)

    To answer your question of would it be worth the money for tinned tobacco: it depends on whether or not you like the tobacco contained in the tin. If you hate Virginias, and you buy a tin of GL Pease Union Square, then nah, it wouldn't be worth buying. But branching out into other brands of tobacco is what you SHOULD do. Find a blender that you love, and then go scout out 10 more that you love just as much. Well rounded tobacco consumption is a good thing. :eek:hyeah: The best thing for you to do is find out what's in the blends that you like currently, and buy accordingly. Check out and see what's in the blends that you'd like to try, and see what others have to say about them. Just keep in mind that the reviews on that site, like ALL tobacco reviews, are subjective.
  5. Glenn

    Glenn Active Member

    Dec 10, 2009
    Bulk vs tin is of no consequence. You can get high quality tobacco in tins or in bulk. Many blends are available either way.

    Quality tobacco is quality tobacco. If you find something you like then buy it and enjoy it. Don't worry about preconceived notions of what you ought to like. Just try as much as you can, then go back later and try them again. Pretty soon you will have a good feel for what you like. Some things that are not so good or very mediocre right now will be fantastic to you in a year after you have tried lots of other blends.

    Are premium blends better? Yes. But that doesn't mean you will like them all. Also doesn't mean you won't like non-premium blends. There is room for all of it.
  6. yinyang

    yinyang Some rim charring is to be expected.

    Feb 11, 2010
    Since you say you have local tobacconists at your disposal...why not ask them what those 'house blends' really are? (Probably Lane.) Knowing what they really are, (and a quick look up on, can give you a better idea of what you like, and what alternates to choose first. The guys have already given sound advice, but if you want to pick up from the B&M's stock at hand(cuz you are impatient), your options may be more limited. Keep in mind McClelland is well respected in regards to VA's, GL Pease has many fine Englishes out there, and PS Stokkebye has some of the best (cheap in cost, not quality) bulk tobacco's around. Oh, and one more thing...if they have any Full Virginia Flake by Sam it all! You can make quick friends here by trading it out!
  7. Mister Moo

    Mister Moo Normal Cow Moderator

    Jun 10, 2009
    Lots of opinions here - none wrong. Here's another:

    One thing with bulk/jar tobacco at B&Ms that I find - the quality of what they sell will probably be a function of the the interest of the store operator. If the guy doesn't smoke a pipe, the tobacco will probably-mostly be sweet, heavily flavored and loaded with humectant (PG). If the guy is a pipe-nut the blends will probably be more moderate in added flavor and humectant. B&M owner/operators who don't smoke a pipe tend to give less than ideal advice.
  8. SittinNMyChairSmokin

    SittinNMyChairSmokin Member

    Aug 14, 2010
    Thanks everybody for your comments, they have been very helpful. I went to the shop yesterday and tried a house blend titled "Red Dublin."

    I will be trying tinned tobacco soon.

    BTW i have not seen a lot of tins in my local shops. Is it pretty common to purchase online or what is typical for you avid pipe smokers?

    thanks all!
  9. Puff The Magic

    Puff The Magic Active Member

    Mar 15, 2010
    Sittin', many B&M's don't have that great of a selection of tinned, and I'd bet to say that those B&M's make their biggest money on the bulk-jarred toby. If you find a B&M that has a good selection of tinned and are deep with those tins (have several of that tin on shelf) along with a good selection of jarred, you've found nirvana!

    Some of the "local" B&M's to you may all have somewhat of a gentleman's agreement to stock from a particular company (i.e., one may only have Rattrays and C&D, while another down the road has only MacB and GLP, etc.) so you may have to "look". But that's part of the fun/hunt. If you don't find it locally, you can always get it online, it's a "world market". Usually get better prices online but you don't get the interaction you get from a B&M. I do both. Get what you want, and enjoy!

    Tinned doesn't necessarily mean "better" since "better" is quite subjective. I'm sure some makers put their best foot forward and package it in tins mainly due to appearance (esp. for flaked toby, if the flakes are "just right", then it goes to tin, if sort of scrappy flakes, then it goes to bulk) but not all do that. Some put the same exact toby into both! Some bulk blends you can't get in tins and I find that I like the bulk just as much as any tinned toby. The choices are yours. You'll save money in the long run with bulk but at $4-5/oz, that price is similar to tinned pricing. Some B&M's will let you sample a bowl of jarred, some have "open" tins for you to try. Just a few of the "bennies" of hitting your local B&M's that you don't or can't normally get from an online establishment.

    Ed Puff!
    cogito ergo puff
  10. SittinNMyChairSmokin

    SittinNMyChairSmokin Member

    Aug 14, 2010
    Yes...part a large part of pipe smoking is visiting with the local B&M's and sampling jars. Its quite a nice experience.
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