Mr. Johnny-PipeSmoker 1st Class

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In my youth I had the opportunity of knowing "Mr. Johnny", for he worked at the Western Auto store. He was a quiet almost meek man but always ready to guide you to whatever part or item you needed. The last time I saw him before I left my hometown, I was a young cock of 27. I NEVER realized what a "real man" he was. But at the time I knew this. He smoked a small squared poker butt straight stem. It was always in his mouth. His tamper was his finger. The cake had built up sooooooooo much until the sidewalls were split.
He was known to "go to the car" and "take a nip" during the day. It was rumoured that he had a lot of metal in his body and he stayed in a lot of pain.
Whilst going online to a history of people in my hometown...I found this...
I hope you enjoy it and hoist a bowl and a glass to "Mr. Johnny". He was real.
I knew him. Really.
I can't find words to adequately express my admiration for Mr. Johnny and all those who have faced death and decided to meet it head on to save the life of another. They are indeed true heroes, and moreover the REAL role models for our youth to look up to.
You had a real role model in your life and he made an impression on you far before you knew what he had done. This doen't mean to lessen the role our fathers played in our lives being role models... I know my father was and still is my hero...


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Hi All,

A great story; if you want to know about a great modern American Hero, google Sheldon Brown. I was connected with the cycling world for most of my life and had the sad duty/ great priviledge of writing this man's obit for " Cycling World"

This man knew how to face up the Old Grim Reaper and spit in his eye.



Wow, medal of honor winners usually get the award posthumously. That guy is a hero, and definitely wins any tough guys contest. Absorbing a grenade blast ...
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